It changes your life… That’s for sure. We’re all its steep roads, feeling the cold, the heat, the hunger. With stress, with insecurity, fear and sadness. Choosing to study Architecture is not the choice for a simple life. And yet, there is nothing more beautiful.

She, one way or another, has changed who we are and we became someone else. A beautiful person. Brave. Creative. A fighter. It’s 5 years at the University (for most of us, many more) full of difficult memories while a nostalgically relive. To laugh and mourn at once.

This is the video for the ETSA-UPV promotion of 2008-2013 that on the occasion of the graduation ceremony was held in order to give the experiences and the adventures of the students throughout their academic time. A visual testimony of the hard work, dedication and passion invested over the years.

What would you keep from these years? Could you sum up everything in one sentence? Can you narrow it down to one word? Infinite moments, too many feelings, a few years… 90 people, and 3 questions. Coffee, friendship, delusions, learning, competition, life after all… Your answers, their faces and their enthusiasm identify many, and push forward it to others.

Idea, videography and editing.

  • Pepe Carrillo.
  • Daniel Rueda.


  • Belén Castelló.
  • Joan Cordón.
  • Pau Fort.
  • Juan Martí.
  • Victoria Modrego.
  • Mar Sánchez.